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This letter is to inform you that I bought a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, Body no. 11201, and Motor no. 5845. Please be advised that, I preferred buying that car rather than any other types of cars, because of my trust in such a great Japanese Company (Mitsubishi CO.,) this trust was built for many reasons such as terms of quality of manufacturing, as well as availability of safety factors, which provide protection and security for the life of car's owner and his family, in additional to the customer service quality with reimbursing its customers for any damages or harmful that could be a result of any defect in their production.

Unfortunately; on August 5th, 2010 I was involved in a huge accident which the safety features are everything in that situation, but what really shocked me was the Air Bag, ! ! ! It did not work at all which resulted in injuries all over my body (Face, Chest, Ribs, Nick, and Spine) plus the problems that I have been facing in my social life specially with family, friends, and co-workers. In additional that I was out of work for 2 months because of all of what I previously explained, so now I would like to ask you; where is the Air Bag (which is the principle safety factor in such circumstances)? Where are the safety features? Where are the experience and the big history for Mitsubishi Co.? I think such a matter will negatively reflect on the good repetition & image of Mitsubishi Co., in Egypt & the whole Middle East.

According to the above mentioned facts, I am asking now for a reimbursement for all of the Psychological, and physical damages that happened to me, and all of the time that I was out of work. Please find attachments for the car pictures.

Please be aware that, if I will not receive a positive feed back from your side very soon, deeply sorry to inform you, that I will take the whole issue the legal way by filing a lawsuit against Mitsubishi Co.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mitsubishi Car.

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Ches, you are not alone. My husband had a wreck in his Mitsubishi Montero in 2009 and was declared a total loss.

Because we were on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Mitshubishi took our insurance money and we were not able to replace the car. We, a family of 5 found ourselves with only one car for 8 months until we were able to have our bankruptcy dismissed as it paid off.

I wil NEVER EVER buy anything with Mitsubishi logo or brand on it! Go ahead and sue and fight for your rights !!!!


For the reason that he could have been killed is the same reason that he deserves some compensation for a faulty air-bag. It's not the consumers job to have things like that checked when they paid for those things to be there in the first place.

Mitsubishi needs to take responsiblity for selling a car that was not safe to drive due to the lack of professionalism from their employees. They are suppose to make sure that the employees do the job and do it right and obviously they failed to do so.

I'm sorry this happened to you, but really, please no that you can't believe everything you hear. Someone out there did not do their job correctly and it led to a faulty air bag, and as a part of the company, they are bringing the company down, but the average customer doesn't know what's going on in these places.

I could be like my mother and start screaming 100 reasons to you why not to buy Japanese cars, but I'll save all that and tell you that you can't trust anyone, and believing that the car was perfectly pre-packaged and ready to go was not good idea, because those workers don't give a *** about you, they just want to get done. You should have checked to make sure everything was working correctly, because I myself have had experiences with products with glitches from them, the company seems to have a higher percentage of glitches than most in fact. You should reconsider your trust in certain companies, they all sweep things under the rug, cheat, get lazy, and the people that end up getting hurt, unfortunately, are the very costumers that give them money after they practice these underhanded methods. Really, something like an airbag...

that's safety 101 with cars, the manufacturers should have been able to assemble everything correctly, their lack of diligence baffles me, you could have been killed.


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